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Welcome to Dried Fruit Guy Farms

Bringing you the best of Naramata's organic fruit harvest

I have been farming fruit organically for close to 40 years at various sites on the Naramata Bench.  The Bench has become famous for the quality of the wines which are produced here.


Those same unique conditions of soil, climate, and exposure that wine makers call the terroir and allow the expression of complex flavors in the wines produced here allow the fruit trees  grown here to fully express their potential for sweetness and flavor. 


This is especially true for the older, larger, and deeper rooted trees. These are the ones to which I am drawn to care for, and from which I harvest all of my fruit products.


The practice of semi controlled stressing partially by infrequent but deep watering further enhances this effect.


I use a similar strategy in my market garden which is the source of material for the dried herbs that I also offer in limited quantities.